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Su Chen is the main character of DTPB. At the novel start, he is blinded by an old beggar. Even though he loses his vision, he stuns everyone with his growth and cultivation.


Su Chen is described as a young and very handsome man surrounded by an indescribable air of elegance, incomparable among his peers.

During the Hidden Dragon Institute Arc, it was mentioned that he began to grow a mustache.

After forming a Soul Crystal Brain and elevating his consciousness, Su Chen's physical body gained an aura of holiness.


Su Chen is an extremely intelligent young man with a mentality of someone many years older than him. He decisive and calculative against his enemies

In his search for the prominence of the human race, Su Chen becomes obsessed with knowledge, to the point of neglecting his friends, and two wives to continue his research.

As his strength grows, Su Chen becomes increasingly bolder, exposing himself to ever-increasing dangers, some even unnecessary. He is both a researcher and warrior at heart.


Su Chen was born into the Su Clan but due to an unfortunate encounter with an Old Beggar, he loses his sight and is shunned by everyone within the clan. Years of isolation and his sights seemingly forever lost in the darkness, he became wiser and calmer. When he regains his sights, even the way he sees the world is much different. He is able to see Origin Energy at a microscopic level.jin


  • Su Chen regained his eyesight in Vol 1, Chapter 18.
  • Su Chen became the first surgeon of the world after using Hong Ming as a human guinea pig to study medicine.
  • Su Chen is the forefather of elevating non-bloodline cultivation.